Our services

EV (electrical vehicle) chargers

Whether you’re looking to power a single vehicle or an entire fleet, we’ll help you identify the right EV charger type and system for your residential or commercial location – one that will power your EV charger needs now and into the future.

Battery storage

A smart solar set up includes battery storage, so that you can store unused electricity for use at night or on low-sunlight days. Battery storage technology is improving all the time.  We can help you work out which battery storage set up is right for you.


Solar systems need maintenance. We offer a range of certified, cost-effective solutions for maintaining, repairing and cleaning your solar panels so that they’re generating optimal solar energy.

New builds and renovations

Solar panels can be retrofitted onto existing residential or commercial properties or included from the get-go on a new build. We have experience with solar for new builds and renovations. Either way, it’s a smart move.